1-minute hike: Goose Ridge in Montville


Difficulty: Moderate. The 3.7-mile trail travels over hilly terrain. While maintained and marked well, the trail does present a few challenges. Prepare for a few short muddy sections, some steep slopes, exposed roots and a few rocky sections as well. How to get there: The Goose Ridge Trail has two trailheads. To reach the north […]

1-minute swim: The Ledges in Baxter State Park


Difficulty: Easy to strenuous, depending on where you choose to swim. Swift currents, rapids and small waterfalls make this section of Nesowadnehunk Stream exciting, but there are small natural slides and calmer areas of shallow water for children to enjoy under supervision. There’s also plenty of space for sunbathing and relaxing on the rock ledges. How […]

Where in the woods am I?


We picked a hike that would be good for Oreo (our dog) this past weekend. By that I mean a fairly long trail without a lot of traffic and plenty of hills for running and expending energy. Also, of course, dogs were permitted, which certainly isn’t the case for all trails. Anyway, Oreo had a blast. […]

Where in the woods am I?


My legs are a bit sore today after hiking a fairly tall Maine mountain over the weekend. See if you recognize the mountain by viewing the photo gallery below, then leave your best guesses in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Winner gets a high five and a mention in the updated post! […]