New map shows all ‘1-minute hikes’

I’ve added a new feature to “Act Out With Aislinn,” a map to plot all my “One-minute hikes” so that readers can easily find hikes in their area. This week, I wrote an article for the BDN about the map, but I’m blogging about it, just in case you missed it.

Before you get excited and click on the link to the map, store into your memory that the map can always be found on my blog’s “home” page. The map is now located on the right side of the page. Click on the link underneath it to get a bigger version of the map, which is a whole lot easier to navigate. Zoom in for better viewing.

Click on a little yellow hiker (with a pony tail … yes I drew that … thanks. I think it’s pretty sharp, too.) and you will get a brief description of a hike and a link to a “One-minute hike” blog post that coordinates with it.

I’d rather use a map like this than search through a list of hikes, so I figured you would, too.

This map showed me the big gaps of Maine terrain I have yet to explore to the west, far east and north. Since I just began this “One-minute hike” project in late October 2011, I won’t be too tough on myself, but I plan to fill in those gaps with little yellow hikers as soon as possible.

I’ll be updating this map each week after I post my weekly “One-minute hike.”

As always, send me your hiking suggestions!

Aislinn Sarnacki

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