‘It’s OK…’ for camping women

It’s OK …

1)… if you don’t particularly enjoy squatting over a log to piddle or poo.

2)… to take a tumble on the squishy blowup mattress while awkwardly trying to dress in your tent.

3)… to burn your marshmallow to a crisp and enjoy it.

4)… to wear a headlamp from sundown onward.

5)… to not shave you legs, tweeze your eyebrows, wear makeup or style your hair. Think of bug spray as your personal perfume.

6)… to indulge in an improvised sundowner to stave off the evening chill (if you’re of age and alcohol is allowed at the campsite … and you aren’t responsible for building a fire or chopping wood).

7)… to scare the bejesus out of your neighbor by shaking their tent and growling like a bear, no matter how old your birth certificate claims you are.

8)… to sneakily schedule your camping trip around the crimson tide.

9)… to think two-person sleeping bags are terrible. “I’ll stick to my mummy bag, and you can stick to yours, sir.”

10)… to bring everything but the kitchen sink while car camping …. but odds are, you’ll wish you had that sink.

11)… to accept every snack offered to you. To refuse the peanuts, corn chips, homemade cookies, beef jerky, trail mix and s’mores, now that would just be rude.

12)… to vow to vanquish every fellow camper in Yahtzee, Uno, Bananagrams, Connect Four, Cribbage and any other game they want to throw at you on a rainy day stuck under a tarp. As Beyoncé assures us, “Who runs the world? Girls.”

Aislinn Sarnacki

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