15 things kayakers should avoid

Kayakers, try to avoid …
  1. Freaking out when there’s an unreasonably large arachnid in your craft.
  2. Paddle splashing a fellow paddler. Nobody likes a paddle splasher. Nobody.
  3. BDN photo by Kevin Bennett
    Jeff Sands (top) and Matt Levin take to the water by Six Mile Falls in Bangor as they prepare for today’s 36th annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race in 2012.

    Losing, forgetting or forsaking your life jacket.

  4. Texting and rolling.
  5. Standing, jumping or trying to do the Macarena. Get a SUP or one of those sweet fishing kayaks.
  6. Fitting two butts where there’s only a seat for one … unless you want those butts in the water.
  7. Fishing for the Loch Ness Monster or any creature of that caliber. If it’s bigger than your craft… do the physics.
  8. Thinking one spray skirt fits all. It can be a complicated purchase. Be patient.
  9. Adding ‘thunderstorm paddles’ to your lineup of ‘full moon paddles’ and ‘sunset paddles.’
  10. Sharks, alligators and other man-eating water dwellers.
  11. Getting in a tandem with someone you dislike.
  12. Rocks.
  13. Packing your lunch in a paper bag.
  14. Waterfalls … unless you’re an intense whitewater paddler whose into those sorts of things.
  15. Visiting the Sahara Desert.
Aislinn Sarnacki

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