For all you Facebook fiends…

Yes. I meant fiend. Not friend. But maybe…

Last night, I created a Facebook page for my journalist/outdoor explorer self at


Many people, including myself, check Facebook a lot more than they do Twitter or (lets be honest) the BDN website. So if you like my “1-minute hike” videos or outdoor news posts, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get them on your Facebook feed? It’s all about convenience.

I do have a personal Facebook page, but I realized that many readers might not want to see my personal crap on their newsfeed. BDN readers don’t really care to see pictures of my cats, Bo and Arrow, (though they should) or how cool my pirate costume looked on Halloween.

If you are my Facebook friend on my person page, don’t feel like you have to unfriend me. I’ve gotten used to your friendly face by now. But if you do, I won’t be heartbroken. There’s only so many cat-loving pictures one can take, I understand. Just friend my new page and you’ll still be getting my outdoorsy posts!

On this new “Aislinn Sarnacki” page, I plan to communicate a lot more with readers about what types of stories you want to see in the BDN and on my blog. I’ll also be asking you for help and advice when it comes to the Great Maine Outdoors. And, of course, I’ll post cool outdoor news and the weekly “1-minute hikes.”

If you “like” the page, awesome. If you “share” the page, internet high five. Either way, thanks for supporting the BDN Outdoors… which, by the way, also has a Facebook page that you should join! I just linked to it above. I’m tricky like that.

Aislinn Sarnacki

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