Where in the woods am I? Jermiah Colburn Natural Area

Ben Moore won the “Where in the Woods Am I?” game for Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area in March 2013 given these verbal clues and the following gallery of photos:

“For the past few days in the Bangor area, weather hasn’t been ideal for hiking.. or snowshoeing… or skiing. Everything seems to be melting. Mud, muck and slush is here, there and everywhere.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty set on creating a “1-minute hike” video and write-up every week; so I went out in the freezing rain on Sunday (after waiting for some nicer weather on Friday and Saturday) to explore some trails.

Turns out, I did see some sun on Sunday. It peaked out between the rain clouds from time to time as I walked trails through a forest located less than a half hour from Bangor. I also saw more animals (mostly birds) than usual — woodpeckers, chickadees, crows, partridge, red squirrels and even two deer (which I caught on video but not in a photo).

Try to guess where in Maine I had an unexpectedly pleasant hike on Sunday by viewing the photo gallery below. Leave your best guesses in the comments section. Winner gets an internet high five. And stay tuned for tomorrow’s “1-minute hike” video and write-up on the hike.”

Aislinn Sarnacki

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