Bloopers and strange extras of winter ‘1-minute hikes’

Here is a breakdown of the components of a “1-minute hike” adventure.

1. A ride in Fred the Forester.

2. I speak words.

3. I navigate.

4. Focus.

5. Be nice to hiking buddy.

6. Avoid snow sinkholess.

It’s science. But for those who can’t grasp such a complicated equation, I’ve created a video illustration using the bloopers and strange behind-the-scenes moments of the “1-minute hikes” of fall 2012 and winter 2012-13. Since I create a
“1-minute hike” every week (and they aren’t actually a minute), there’s plenty of opportunities for me to “bloop,” which is baseball slang and not an actual word, to my disappointment.



Aislinn Sarnacki

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