Do you know a frozen dog treat for a hot day?

I’m seeking local recipes of frozen dog treats. Maybe you created the recipe. Maybe someone told you about it. It doesn’t matter, as long as you know a dog that enjoys it!

Send me a description of the recipe at, as well as the name of the dog that enjoys the recipe, what type of dog it is, and where the dog is from.

Oreo the drama king.

And I’ll include as many recipes as possible in my next “Let the Dog Out” post. And my dog Oreo might get to enjoy the treat, too!

Even though Oreo has short hair, he gets hot on some of these steamy summer days we’ve been having, and I’d like to make him a few treats.

Don’t worry if your recipe is simple. Seriously. In the kitchen, for me, simple recipes are best.

So don’t be shy. Send along your ideas. And if you want, a photo or two of your pup!

Oreo’s hungry!


Aislinn Sarnacki

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