Where in the woods am I?

When it comes to hiking, my selection process is a bit of a mystery, even to my self. Sometimes I feel like climbing a mountain; sometimes I want to walk by the ocean; and sometimes I just want a quiet walk through old growth forest. Most of the time, I bring my dog, but on occasion, I leave him behind, preferring to watch wildlife (not scare it away). My idea of the “ideal hike” varies from week to week. It may have to do with how I feel physically or mentally that week, or what trail I hiked the week before, or what the weather is doing. Again, it’s a mystery.

Searching through guide books, the internet and reader suggestions — I look for a trail that will give me that “ideal hike.” Sometimes It’s a bit of a struggle. But so far, I’ve been successful.

This past week, for whatever reason, I wanted to visit a remote pond — or at least a quiet body of water. And I found just that. See if you recognize the trails that Oreo, Derek and I explored by viewing the photo gallery below. Leave your best guesses in the comment section below. Winner gets an internet high five and a mention in the updated post. And as always, stay tuned for tomorrow’s “1-minute hike” video and summary of the trails.

Aislinn Sarnacki

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