Momma bear and cub wander through field in Hancock County

The sun was just about to sink below the tree tops when a large black bear and her cub emerged from the woods. The momma bear was an impressive sight to behold, her thick black coat shining in the last rays of the setting sun. And her baby was something else. A teddy bear come to life. Adorable. It’s fluffy fur was chocolate brown. Its eyes glittered as it looked around, shadowing mom, always sticking close by her side.

How did I manage to get so close to a bear you ask? I don’t feel comfortable telling the full story, simply because I was on someone’s private property in Hancock County. That person loves Maine wildlife — and has plenty of it. And I was fortunate enough to have permission to be there with my friend Sharon to photograph whatever animals we could find.

Wasn’t it a little bit dangerous? Probably. Black bears are strong and fast, and wildlife isn’t always predictable. That’s why we stayed in my vehicle, Fred and Forester, and if we stepped out, we kept the door open and didn’t wander more than a step or two.

As we watched the bears walk through the field, grazing on grass, the cub spied my Subaru and stood up to get a better look, waving its front legs in the air (perhaps to keep balance?).

“He’s waving at us,” I whispered as I snapped photos. The light, being so dim, made it difficult to capture sharp images at a distance with my Canon Rebel T5i. I fiddled with the settings and did my best. Here are some of the many photos I took before the bears disappeared back into the forest.


Aislinn Sarnacki

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