Photo gallery: Backyard birds weather it through the storms

It’s said that wildlife can sense oncoming storms, and watching the birds in my backyard, I believe it. Before and between these recent snow storms, they seemed to be in a frenzy to gobble up as many seeds from my feeders as possible. It’s a great opportunity to watch and photograph them. I’ve selected some of my favorite photos to share with you. All of these photos were taken within the past two weeks near my in-town home in the Bangor area, either in my backyard or across the street. Just think. This is a high-traffic residential area! And look at the variety. Since I’m new to birding and bird IDing, I may not always get the IDs right. PLEASE correct me in comments or email if you know better. I won’t be offended. Promise.

P.S. Pigeons are actually quite pretty, aren’t they?

P.P.S. What birds are you seeing in your backyard?

P.P.P.S… How do you clean out your tube feeders? I find it to be a pain. Any suggestions? Leave comments at the bottom of the page, please.


Aislinn Sarnacki

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