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Funny guilty dog phenomena hits home

Oreo looking especially guilty.

On March 8, 2011, a rather plump yellow Lab named Dexter decided to get into the cat treats. Unfortunately, he failed to clean up the evidence. His owner discovered the tattered Friskies bag on the floor and decided he’d film Dexter’s guilty reaction. The resulting video has been viewed more than 33 million times on […]

Winter wreaks havoc on dog paws

Oreo's poor dry paw on a can of Bag Balm. His paws are getting softer by the day.

“Oreo’s walking funny,” I said as I leaned closer to the window, my nose nearly touching the glass. “What?” called my boyfriend Derek from the other room. “Oreo — he’s walking funny,” I repeated as I stood to let the dog inside. I like to creep on Oreo when I let him outside. It’s fun […]

One dog toy to rule them all

Oreo playing with his Orbee-Tuff ball by Planet Dog.

Eureka! The word stems from an ancient Greek word meaning “I have found it!” While the exclamation is typically attributed to mad scientists and detectives, if my dog Oreo could speak, I think that’s what he’d say — “Eureka!” Oreo has long searched for the perfect toy. Every time we bring home a new Nylabone […]

Treat your pup to some homemade cookies

Oreo assisting me in the kitchen in making Peanut Pup Cookies during January 2014.

“Made with real chicken,” I read. “As opposed to what? Fake chicken?” I think. I pick up the next bag of dog treats on the shelf and turn it over to read the ingredients. “Sorbic acid. Artificial smoke flavor? Calcium propionate. Glyceryl something-I-can’t-pronounce. Choline chloride. Added color. Red 40. Yellow 5. Blue 1. Yellow 6.” […]