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Where in the woods am I? Penobscot Mountain


Heidi Riggs, Brian Dempster, Ted Pearson, Carey Kish (in his own special way.. “Popover Pond”…), Jane Bromley Langley, Carolyn Newbert, Jen Patton, Chris Sewall, Elliot Woodbury and Tim Henderson all won the “Where in the Woods am I?” game for Penobscot Mountain in Acadia National Park in October 2015. They guessed the correct mountain by […]

Where in the woods am I? Hollingsworth Trail


Robert Goodwin, Dianne Farley, Steven Scott, Sandie Sabaka and Carolyn Newbert won the “Where in the Woods Am I?” game for the Hollingsworth Trail at the Petit Manan Point Division of the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge in Steuben in August of 2015 given the following clues and photos: My dog, Oreo, and I […]