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1-minute hike: North Penjajawoc Forest in Bangor

North Penjajawoc Forest trail.

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. The 105-acre preserve contains a network of trails that travel through a mature mixed forest to vernal pools and small wetland areas. Watch out for exposed tree roots. To reach the preserve, you need to walk nearly a mile on easy, smooth trails in the Rolland F. Perry City Forest, more commonly known as […]

1-minute hike: Piscataquis County Demonstration Forest in Williamsburg Township


Difficulty: Easy to moderate, depending on how much of the trail network you choose to explore. The trails total about 2.5 miles. How to get there: From Route 11 in downtown Brownville, turn onto High Street, which might not be marked with a sign but is across the street from Church Street and Robinson’s Mobil store. […]

Recap video: ‘1-minute hikes’ of 2015


The “1-minute hike” series is officially four years old. It hit the milestone in mid November, and since then, I’ve been painstakingly piecing together the 2015 compilation video. Sometimes reflecting on the past can be tedious, especially if you’re editing a year’s worth of outdoor adventures down to 10 minutes and adding background music. To […]