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1-minute hike: The new Abol Trail, Katahdin, Baxter State Park


Difficulty: Very strenuous. The 3.4-mile trail is steep and extremely rocky. Sections of the trail require hand-over-foot climbing over boulders. The trail leads to the Hunt Trail about 1 mile from Baxter Peak, the summit of Katahdin. Therefore, if hiking to the summit, the hike out-and-back is 8.8 miles. How to get there: Travel on […]

1-minute hike: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay


Difficulty: Easy to moderate, depending on the trails you choose to explore. Several paths in the Central Gardens are wide, smooth and built to be wheelchair accessible. Trails outside the Central Gardens vary in difficulty; some are wide and surfaced with compacted gravel, while others are more challenging, traveling over unimproved forest floor with rocks […]

1-minute hike: Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge East Loring Division in Limestone


Difficulty: Easy-moderate. The 1.2-mile Don Lima Trail is wide and smooth, surfaced with mowed grass in the fields and gravel in the forest. The trail forms a loop that begins and ends at the refuge visitor center. The East Loring Division of the refuge is also home to longer, more challenging trails that together total just […]

1-minute hike: Northeast Penjajawoc Preserve in Bangor


Difficulty: Easy. The trails in the network travel over unimproved forest floor for the most part. In some places, the forest floor is smooth and covered with soft pine needles, while in other areas, the trail is fairly rocky. Watch your footing. While there is no significant change in elevation, the trails do travel over […]