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‘Hare today, gone tomorrow’

BDN photo by Aislinn Sarnacki. A snowshoe hare in Hancock County in June 2014.

I put quotations around the title because I cannot (and will not) take credit for that play on words. That’s all John Holyoke, BDN Outdoors editor, fly fisherman, aspiring hunter, etc. While viewing my recent snowshoe hare photos, he came up with that title, and I can’t decide if it’s terribly clever or cleverly terrible. Whatever — […]

Baxter makes Country magazine’s top 10 ‘Hidden Gems: Best Parks in the US’


Maine’s beloved Baxter State Park was recently named one of the top 10 “most magnificent, unheralded parks across America” in Country magazine’s June/July issue. The special section, “Hidden Gems: Best Parks in the United States,” was published in print and online, where it’s presented as a slideshow. “It’s a true wilderness in every sense of the word,” Country photographers Pat and […]