Dear commenters,

Holy cow – I’ve got comments. And holy crap – it looks like I’ve been neglecting readers for weeks. Sorry about that. Let me explain.

To have a BDN blog, you don’t have to speak the language of HTMLs and HTTPS and URL nastiness – that’s for our brilliant web editor. For me to have a blog, to be a blogger, I basically just use a simple template. I plug in my text and upload my photos and video clips and bam! It’s similar to Facebook or any other computer program that gives the impression that it has a brain and perhaps even a soul.

I can also check how many people have visited my site and I thought I could check comments.

For weeks now my blog has been telling me “comments: 0.” (I like to imagine my blog sounding like Marvin the robot from “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.) Then I stumble across all these wonderfully helpful comments a few days ago that people are leaving about my hikes, especially my hike fail. Apparently Facebook comments don’t register. (It’s OK, Marvin; none of us are perfect.)

Well, whatever. I’m replying now. And if I ever am too slow to reply, shoot me an e-mail at

Thank you commenters who took the time to help me find White Cap Mountain. I will be trying it again in the spring, perhaps by a different route, or I may head back into Katadhin Iron Works with a beast of a vehicle to find that trailhead with a new set of directions. If I find the mountain, I promise to do my mountain dance for you. (My many cousins and hiking pals know what I’m talking about.)

Aislinn Sarnacki

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