Mad lib: create a Maine hunting tall tale

If you feel the way I do about Fridays, you might be in the mood for a little word game (you know, something that distracts you from what you really should be doing, but just might make you laugh). So here it goes, this game is for hunters as well as people who aren’t into hunting themselves have heard plenty of hunting tales over the years (people like me). This game is not for people who do not agree with hunting wild animals. It just won’t be fun for you. If you want, I can create another word game for you about mushroom hunting or something (I could create these all day). This game is also not for people who aren’t prepared for a gruesome fictional tale. It’s not my fault if your “fill in the blank” answers result in a horrifying story. OK? OK.

You’ve probably done this type of game before. It’s a fill-in-the-blank game. But let’s brush up on the rules.

Do not scroll down to the actual story…

…until you have answered 1-28.

Then, scroll down to the story and plug in your answers for the blanks, as they go with the numbers.

Example: “1. famous person:” and I type. “Bob Barker” After I’ve completed all of 1-28 in this fashion, I will scroll down and type “Bob Barker” for every blank that has a #1 in it.

One last thing: I wouldn’t mind laughing, too. Feel free to paste your completed story in the comments section below.

OK… 1,2,3, go.

1. famous person:

2. animal:

3. name:

4. animal:

5. liquid:

6. color:

7. color:

8. type of clothing:

9. type of clothing plural:

10. noun:

11. body part:

12. number:

13. noise:

14. noise:

15. material:

16. person’s name:

17. Maine town:

18. number:

19. adjective:

20. noun:

21: weapon:

22. different weapon:

23. number:

24. place:

25. number:

26. name of someone you know:

27. region in Maine:

28. room in your house:


My Maine huntin’ tall tale

Yesterday, I went hunting with my pal _____1_____. Of course we had my _____2_____ ______3______ along to help with the trackin’. So it was just the three of us. , and of course it’s _____ 4_____ hunting season, so that’s what we’re huntin’. But since those things have a really good sense of smell, before we hit the woods, we made sure to douse ourselves with some _____5_____ to mask the scent. And of course we’ve got our _____6_____ camouflage on and some fluorescent _____7_____   _____8_____, just to be safe. And it’s frigid outside, so we make sure to bundle up in _____9_____.

We set out at the _____10_____ of morning, right when the sun is about to raise its _____11_____ over the horizon. We walked through the woods for about _____12_____ miles. But it wasn’t too long and we heard a _____13_____ and _____14_____. So I took out my _____15_____ call, the wicked good kind made by _____16_____ from _____17_____. And I called that animal right in.

When it came out into the clearing, I can tell it’s at least _____18_____ pounds, and this thing is wicked _____19_____.  _____1_____ wasn’t ready. Dropped his/her _____20_____. So I picked up my _____21_____  — then I decide against it and swap for my _____22_____, and I take aim and drop the animal in _____23_____ nanoseconds. Well _____1_____ helps me get it out of the woods and we bring it to  _____24_____ to get it weighed and all that. Turns out it was actually _____25_____ pounds! We got some nice pictures and then took it to _____26_____, the best taxidermist in _____27_____, so I could have a nice mount of it for my _____28_____.

Happy Friday.


Aislinn Sarnacki

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