Hogback Mountain – October photos

Scott Bennett won the “Where in the Woods Am I?” game for Hogback Mountain in October 2012 given these verbal clues and the following gallery of photos:

This week, I really did get kind of lost in the woods. Several times. But I made it out, clearly, because I’m sitting here at my desk posting pictures of the little adventure. I’m usually fairly good at staying on trail, so I guess the verbal clue for this “Where in the woods am I?” post is that the trail isn’t very well used or easy to follow. I had my reasons for attempting it, as you will see in tomorrow’s “1-minute hike” video and info write up. I’ll also let you know that I was in Midcoast Maine.

So by viewing the photos below, guess where I hiked (or attempted to hike) on Friday. HB (hiking buddy) Derek and I did have some success in finding what we were looking for, but we also ended up playing a lot of “Marco Polo” in the woods while trying to locate trail markers. Post your best guesses in the comment section below. I don’t expect this will be easy.

Aislinn Sarnacki

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