Where in the woods am I? Barren Mountain

Patty Harding, Forest Fire Lookout Association of Maine, Denise Thomas, Roger Merchant, Tracy Gayton, Donnie Dow and Hike Maine won the “Where in the Woods Am I?” game for Barren Mountain in Elliotsville Plantation in September 2013 given these verbal clues and the following gallery of photos:

“It has to be a mountain,” I said to Derek a few days ago when planning our hike. I hadn’t hiked a mountain in a month (though I’d explored some trails on even terrain), and I was missing that feeling of climbing up to a beautiful view. So after some research, which included emailing a helpful BDN reader who knows a great deal about Maine mountains, I chose a hike and off we went.

See if you can guess which mountain we climbed by viewing the photos below. Leave your best guesses in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Winner gets a high five, as usual, and a mention in the updated post! And stay tuned for the video and summary of the hike.

Aislinn Sarnacki

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