Monthly Archives: June 2014

‘Hare today, gone tomorrow’

I put quotations around the title because I cannot (and will not) take credit for that play on words. That’s all John Holyoke, BDN Outdoors editor, fly fisherman, aspiring hunter, etc. While viewing my recent snowshoe hare photos, he came up with that title, and I can’t decide if it’s terribly clever or cleverly terrible. Whatever — […]

1-minute hike: Jamies Pond Wildlife Management Area in Hallowell

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. The 6-mile trail network travels through a variety of habitats and along the shore of Jamies Pond. Expect to encounter small hills, footbridges, roots and rocks, as well as smooth sections of trail over soft pine needles. How to get there: From the intersection of Central Street and Water Street in downtown Hallowell, […]