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1-minute hike: Noyes Mountain Preserve in Greenwood

Difficulty: Moderate. The entire hike is 2.5 miles, with a total elevation gain of about 770 feet. There are steep, rocky sections on both the Harvard and Perham trails, with the steepest, rockiest sections being on the Perham Trail. How to get there: The parking lot is on Richardson Hollow Road in Greenwood, just west […]

1-minute plog: Michael Michaud Walking and Biking Trail in Millinocket

Difficulty: Easy. The 1.65-mile loop trail is paved and wheelchair accessible. How to get there: From Interstate 95, take Exit 244, then head west on Route 157 through Medway and East Millinocket to downtown Millinocket. After about 10.8 miles of driving on Route 157, turn left onto Congress Street, where you’ll soon see the paved trail […]

1-minute ski: Hadlock Loop in Acadia National Park

Difficulty: Moderate. The loop is 4.2 miles long, including the short 0.2 section to and from the loop from the Brown Mountain Parking Area. Whichever direction you ski the loop, you’ll climb gradually uphill for the first half and then ski gradually downhill for the second half. There are no steep sections on this route. […]